Handmade gluten free cakes
Cakes available in mini, medium, large sizes
New Vegan healthy slices to the range ....
Pecan Date and Lemon - no refined sugar, egg, dairy, Gfree and Paleo
Almond  chocolate slice -  no refined  sugar, gf, egg and dairy free, Paleo.
Healthy Vegan slice- no refined sugar, gluten, egg and dairy free.  
Pepita Snack Bar - no refined sugar, dairy, egg and  gluten free, Paleo   
Pear and almond tart - gluten free handmade pastry 
Chocolate tart - with gluten free chocolate pastry and rich chocolate filling.
Savoury muffin - gluten free contains dairy 
Orange almond cake - deliciously moist, dairy free GF.
Chocolate cake - dairy free, rapadura sugar not too sweet contains eggs and almond meal GF.
Lemon polenta cake - butter cake texture contains eggs and dairy GF.
Carrot cake- favourite moist, cream cheese icing, GF
Banana vegan - healthy, high protein with LSA - egg and dairy free GF.
Seed slice - sunflower, sesame and pepitas with honey,  egg and dairy free snack bar.
Joy balls - filled with tahini, honey, LSA, apricots and almonds, egg and dairy free GF, Paleo.
Melting moments - old fashioned favourite, egg and nut free contians dairy GF.
Chocolate fudge  brownie - rich dense chocolate,  contains eggs, nuts and dairy GF.
Quinoa cookies - great breakfast snack, nutrient dense to keep you going until lunch, dairy, egg and GF
Lime & macadamia- dairy and gluten free delight contains eggs and nuts 
Gluten free Pear and raspberry - great dessert cake serve with yoghurt or custard, contains eggs, nuts and dairy.
Chocolate raspberry cake - moist, rich gluten and nut free, contains eggs and dairy.
Beetroot brownie - for the health conscious raw cacao, carob, coconut sugar, grain and dairy GF, Paleo.
Raspberry coconut muffin -  for the paleo diet, moist, grain, nut and dairy free contains eggs GF, Paleo 
Blueberry & apple muffins - no sugar, apples and blueberries make this a moist muffin, dairy free, contains nuts and eggs GF.
Gluten free Lemon & coconut - light butter cake texture, contains  nuts dairy, eggs.
Quinoa protein slice - high protein nutrient dense snack bar as well as quinoa contains chia, flaxseed, cranberries, coconut oil and maple syrup, no sugar, eggs and dairy free GF. 
Hazelnut and coffee cake - great coffee flavour, dairy, gluten, grain free, contains nuts and eggs GF.
Chocolate fig and almond - rich dense cake, contains nuts and eggs GF.
White chocolate cupcake - light texture, contains nuts, eggs and dairy GF.
Gluten free Banana loaf / slice - moist, nut free contains eggs and dairy.
Raspberry/Blueberry friand - rich french flavour with almonds, dairy and  eggs GF. 
Sticky date pudding / muffin - great dessert cake serve with Butterscotch
sauce, contains eggs and dairy, nut free GF.
Gluten free vanilla cake - light moist texture contains eggs and dairy.
Gluten free chocolate chip cookies - contains eggs and dairy, nut free. 

Gluten free waffles - yeast free, contains eggs and dairy, toast and serve savoury with avocado and tomato or sweet with fruit compote and yoghurt. 

Gluten free bread handmade by Lorraine in small batches
White with chia
White with sunflower seeds & pepitas
Spiced fruit loaf
Olive and rosemary
White with Quinoa
Gluten free Hot Cross Buns Pkt 4 
All gluten free bread egg and dairy free
Gluten free savoury tarts - contains dairy and eggs
Handmade pastry
Pumpkin fetta and basil
Tomato fetta and basil
Pumpkin and ricotta
Brocoli walnut and fetta
Corn, capsicum and fetta.
Contains eggs and dairy. 
Heat and serve with salad. Individual or large.   
Gluten free Xmas goodies 
Gluten free fruit mince pies 
Gluten free xmas pudding - 300g , 750g sizes available 
Gluten free xmas cake
Gluten free, dairy free xmas cake 
Vegan and gluten free xmas cakes and puddings. 
Vegan and gluten  fruit mince pies - special orders  
Can pre order with Lorraine